Saturday, 27 June 2015


New to JoMark House of Hair::::

Are you ready to regenerate your hair? 
New to Loreal is the PRO | FIBER Shampoo and conditioner !

So what is PRO | FIBER ?

It’s the first repairing treatment that offers long-lasting, infinitely reactivatable haircare. After years of intense research in fact L’Oréal found a new formula called “theAPTYL 100 molecular complex“, the first-ever technology capable of lastingly locking in molecules within the hair fiber. This means that the effect on your hair is immediate (I can confirm that I’ve seen the results just after the treatment) and absolutely long-lasting!! I witnessed this at Loreal Leeds Academy we got inside treatments on it to! 

The experience:  After a consultation and studied the level of your hair damage based on a Hair Damage Evaluation diagnosis specific to PRO | FIBER. I will then apply the most adapted salon protocol and provide personalized hair care advice for the ideal at-home follow up. There are three different levels of “hair damage” and three different lines of PRO | FIBER products:

1) to resurface hair with damaged cuticle [RECTIFY],
2) to repair hair with a damaged cuticle and cortex [RESTORE]
3) to restructure hair with a very damaged cortex [RECONSTRUCT]

After the treatment I can guarantee your hair will be healthier and full of life! 
I can guarantee you will immediately noticed the difference touching it!

Keep on looking out as when PRO | FIBRE will be available in the salon as a treatment ! 

Jo X 

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